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Everything we do is about you

Our mission is to connect Personal Trainers with Fitness lovers, that are looking for one.


Fitness lovers: We want you to become the very best version of yourself. We won’t help you find the personal trainer you want. We will connect you with the personal trainer you NEED, to bring you one step closer to a healthy life style and happiness. You are unique – and so should be your customized program, which will bring the most out of you and make you shine. Combined with the support of our blog community we will accompany you during your journey.

Personal Trainers: With our platform we offer you the chance to expand your range and get in touch with new clients in your area. Especially the Personal Trainer sector is all about personal recommendations. Through our Website your clients will get the chance to rate their experience with you, which will attract new clients.

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About us

Nowadays our hectic and superficial world is all about the perfect body. But Adonise’s body only comes with hard work and a lot of sweat. The founders and siblings Candy and Patrick Zimmermann faced the motivational struggles themselves and decided to create this platform to support you. Both are familiar with the difficulty to find the right person you put your trust in. Nevertheless, your body is your temple and deserves nothing but the best. This platform does not only connect students with personal trainers, but also provides a supportive community, aiming for the same goal and working together.

Welcome to the WOPT-Family

The Team behind World of Personal Trainer

Candy Zimmermann

Patrick Zimmermann

Patrick Zimmermann